Broken and Foggy Glass Replacement

Foggy Window, Broken Glass or Condensation?  We replace most types of glass, including:

  • Glass in Vinyl Frame Windows
  • Single-Glass Shaped Glass
  • Double Insulated Glass 
  • Custom Options Tempered Glass
  • Argon Gas Filled Safety Glass
  • Patio Doors Repairs Commercial Glass
  • Low E Glass with Argon Gas
  • Laminated Glass Low E self-cleaning Glass is available.
  •  We can fix windows mechanisms. 

There are several techniques to clean your double temporarily-pane windows and try to keep out additional moisture. However, it is a temporary solution because there is no way to reseal the glass in vinyl windows completely or return it to its original state. The glass panels must be changed instead.

If you experiencing condensation in your double glazed window or if the glass is cracked, you need a replacement sealed unit (IG unit). The perimeter edge seal has lost its integrity, letting in moisture. IG glass units units are made from two or more pieces of flat pane glass separated by a sealed air space. The window frame has little or no alteration or disruption as the glass-sealed unit is designed to be removable and replaceable. Also, a sealed replacement unit is much cheaper than replacing the entire window. And you will enjoy a brand new look. It’s also quick and guaranteed for ten years.


Fusion Glass:

We proudly offer hand-crafted decorative glass and wrought iron door lite collections by Fusion Glass. For Fusion Glass Catalogue, Click HERE.

Thermal sealed units:
In addition to our double glazed sealed units, we provide units with INEX, THERMAL EDGE, STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINUM spacer bars, and argon gas filling. We also offer LoE2-172 LoE3 (pronounced low E cubed – 366) Ultimate Performance Glass made by Cardinal® CG. This glass beats the heat, delivers the ideal balance of solar control and offers high visibility. It provides the highest level of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live.
We are committed
to satisfy the needs of our customers with almost twenty different types of grills: pencil bars in white or brass, Georgian contour bars, lead bars, and a variety of aluminum bars in white, black, grey, cream, brown, and brass. We supply two-tone grills in white/sandalwood and white/cream.
We can estimate

the cost of your glass replacement over the phone or by email.

  • If you call have the following information:
  • Size of your glass
  • If it is a single or double glass If there is any decoration in between the glass (styles and patterns of grids)
  • What type of frame holds the glass (wooden, aluminum, etc.) 

Send a Broke Glass Image by email or text to facilitate the Estimate.

If you decide to order

We will come and take precise measurements. After a few days, you will enjoy new clear view from your window. 

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